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Hello, everybody! I am Hak Zhong, the 1200 Water with 1200 intelligence. I am presently a P.4 student and also a journalist of Dinosaur Daily. My main work is to write thoughts and predictions in the Dinosaur Daily, and will also talk more in this website. Well, I'm former English No.1, but now I'm not as good. Still I would like to meet friends of all sorts to discuss with my ideas.

Why I make this website? Mainly is because there's many things I didn't write on the Dinosaur Daily, many secrets of my discoveries and deepest of my thinkings are not been seen on the newspaper. Therefore, I would like to share those thoughts here so y'all can use this as a conclusion of a day. Secondly I would like to share my games freshly created. This I need some fee in order to play these. They are good games and I hope y'all would like it!

Be happy for the day arrives, everyone!


P.S. Dinon is bankrupt


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